A successful career in real estate without the stress.

There’s no arguing, wherever you are based in the world, being an estate agent is not a profession for the faint hearted. Factor in Malta’s geographic size and popularity as both a business and leisure destination, and the already highly competitive world of Real Estate is amplified to dizzying heights. Newly established real estate agencies seem to be cropping up on every street corner, capitalising on Malta’s real estate; not to mention established agencies expanding their existing workforce. Ultimately, more feet on the ground means more listings and sales.

So, as you can imagine, it’s a recruitment frenzy. Agencies need people quickly, to stay competitive. The urgency to grow is fuelled by the lucrative nature of real estate. This has meant that in the drive to hire, many unsuitable agents are absorbed into big agencies and staff turnover rapid.

In this frenzy, stories of bad working conditions, lack of trust, poor recruitment strategies, unpaid commission and undervalued agents, are not uncommon. As a result, there has been a decline in the quality of client experience and a tarring of the reputation of local real estate companies as recruiters; and this hasn’t gone unnoticed. Reputable agents in the field, and talented, ambitious newcomers are finding it increasingly challenging to find the right fit and company culture. At E&V Sara Grech we truly understand that our quality real estate experience is a result of our team of excellent, knowledgeable agents.They chose us, as much as we chose them. So, what sets E&V Sara Grech apart?

We offer a solution to moving agents

Moving from one agency to another is not an easy decision to make. At E&V Sara Grech we are aware of the pitfalls that established estate agents face when re-locating to another agency. We have initiatives in place, to help make the move easier, especially with regards to your existing property portfolio. We understand agents and cooperate to the extent that they do not need to start from scratch. With us you have the leverage of exclusivity zones like no other agency can match. If all the agents understand what we offer, they would be queuing to be the first up for grabbing that location…After all we only have 21!

We know how to value our agents

Hard work, commitment and stellar customer care does not go unnoticed at E&V Sara Grech. We value our agents’ dedication to their profession by rewarding exemplary work with bonuses for every million Euros sold. That’s another innovative approach for agents who work hard to sell.

A commission rate that matches your skill

With commissions up to 60%, E&V Sara Grech has one of the highest rates on the island. So, choose wisely because we are the sum of our experiences and the choices you make today, matter. Building your own business within a larger business is our success and we guarantee that you will never be left alone.

We eliminate the paperwork

After-sales paperwork takes up valuable time that a motivated agent can spend out in the field. To help increase our agent’s productivity and get them doing what they do best, E&V Sara Grech have a designated administrative team offering agents support with paperwork and call handling after the Konvenju is signed. You look after closing, and we do the rest.

Flexible working to reduce stress

Being an estate agent means you are constantly on the move. To reduce your need for office time, E&V Sara Grech agents can work from wherever suits them best, from wherever they work best. We value our agents as much as we value our clients, and that is what makes us a cut above the rest. Call to join our team this will be the best choice you’ve made to enhance your real estate business

Apply today by sending us an email at malta.hr@engelvoelkers.com.