How to be your own boss in real estate

How to be your own boss in real estate

Starting a new job can be a daunting prospect, particularly if the sector is completely new to you. Motivation and diligence are often quoted as being crucial to a real estate agent’s success but these characteristics won’t get you very far without training.

At E&V Sara Grech, we have developed an ongoing training programme that prepares new agents for the realities and opportunities of being an entrepreneur without the initial financial investment. Our partnership style allows the entrepreneurial agent to put that knowledge into practice while still retaining a high level of autonomy and control over their work life.


Joining the partnership

Agents who work with us are given the independence they need to flourish. Instead of a top-down approach, at E&V Sara Grech we prefer a partnership. This means that agents are not just receiving instructions but are an active participant in making decisions that affect them.

We invest time in giving our agents all the tools they need to help set goals and work towards achieving those goals. Instead of being passive agents, our agents are encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, which benefits not just themselves and E&V Sara Grech, but all the clients they serve.


Setting you up for success

New agents are introduced to the E&V Sara Grech ethos via a 4-week onboarding plan, during which time the various marketing and database tools are introduced and explained. These tools will be the cornerstone of an agent’s work and becoming proficient in their use is critical to success.

Agents are introduced to the structured admin and sales support we offer as well as guidance on the key success drivers in the industry. In 4 weeks, agents will learn all there is to know about working at E&V Sara Grech, the support they can expect to receive and how to make use of the tools available to them.

The learning process doesn’t stop there. The tools we use are constantly evolving and improving thanks to newly available technology and data. All agents, whether new or veteran, are offered on-site training and webinars to help them get to grips with updates and features. Continued professional development is paramount and agents are encouraged to broaden their skill set at every opportunity.


Being your own boss

At E&V Sara Grech we believe that agents know what works best for them. Once the initial training phase is complete, agents are free to take on as much or as little work as they please. We feel a good work/life balance is beneficial to our agents and they get to decide what that looks like.

Agents can work from anywhere through our E&V portal, which allows them to access all our tools whether they are working from home, abroad or in our dedicated Market Centre in Mriehel. Agents are given access to our international network as well as a database of contacts and a dedicated mobile line.

At E&V Sara Grech, we feel that empowering agents to take decisions is a better way of doing business than restricting their autonomy. We work in partnership with our agents and by giving them the best training and support, they can go on to do great things. Our workforce is a true reflection of our core values; passion, competence and exclusivity.

If you would like to learn more about the training program, get in touch via, where you can also submit an application to join this dynamic team.


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