How to earn your first €100K with E&V Sara Grech

A career in real estate offers multitude of positives. Agents enjoy flexible hours, working in a dynamic market, and the chance to meet new people and help them make some of the most important decisions of their lives. Perhaps the most enticing aspect of working in real estate is the chance to influence how much you earn.
In this guide, we will show you how to reach your full potential as a property agent at E&V Sara Grech in 10 steps.
Step 1: Knowledge is power
Being a property expert means that your decisions are backed by a solid understanding of emerging industry trends and current market conditions. This knowledge is the most important tool you will use to help clients, who will turn to you for advice and guidance.
Step 2: Training is key
E&V Sara Grech offers a huge range of training opportunities and you should take advantage of that. Improve your skills, stay up to date with new developments and learn about the resources available to you by continuing your professional education. Committing to continued development throughout your career will ensure you are always at the top of your game.
Step 3: Specialise in a specific region 
Being a Jack of all trades means you are a master of none. E&V Sara Grech encourages agents to specialise in one or two particular regions of the islands, so they are the best placed to monitor property supply and demand, value per square metre and other factors that determine pricing. Getting the price right is what counts.
Step 4: Transparency
Every client who chooses E&V Sara Grech is assigned one agent. There is no internal competition or poaching and the client benefits from having a single, expert point of contact throughout their property journey. We are fully transparent on how this system works and expect agents to keep this in mind .
Step 5: Networking globally
You don’t know where your next client might come from, so it is crucial to maintain a reliable network of contacts around the world. High-end clients often look for homes or investment overseas and by staying in touch with international colleagues, you can make sure they know what you can offer clients in your region.
Step 6: Passion and enthusiasm
Any job worth doing is worth doing well. Success takes hard work and patience but being passionate and enthusiastic will make all the tough stuff worth it.
Step 7: Listen
You may be the property expert, but your clients are the experts on what they want. It is crucial to listen to your clients’ needs and to handle any concerns or queries tactfully and with respect.
Step 8: Be professional
As an agent with E&V Sara Grech, you will be setting the standard. A professional appearance puts you and the company in good light. The property hunt is time-consuming and tiring for clients – being punctual shows that you respect their time and can be counted on.
Step 9: Utilise your sense of humour
Real estate is really about people and whenever people are involved, things have the capacity to go wrong. A good sense of humour will help you see the funny side, move on and learn.
Step 10: Dream the reality
The only limits are the ones you create yourself. For success in this industry, you have to believe that you can achieve your goals and be willing to work hard to make your dreams become reality. Say enough to “the comfort zone” and challenge yourself now to achieve those goals.They can become a reality for you too.
E&V Sara Grech is ready to help you reach your full potential. We will give you the skills, tools and support to build a fulfilling and rewarding career. Visit and find out how you can Surpass the Ordinary with E&V Sara Grech.