The Real Estate Industry’s Culture Problem

The organizational structure of a company has a profound effect on the performance and wellbeing of its employees and agents. At E&V Sara Grech, we put our agents first by creating a supportive, friendly and fair workplace, which boosts professional performance and satisfaction. There is a prevalent and concerning culture issue within the world of real estate and we do our part to eradicate this disruptive and alarming trend.
Creating communication and trust
E&V Sara Grech has a flat organizational structure. Instead of a strict hierarchy, built around a distinction between management, employees and agents. Agents are afforded more freedom to take decisions while also driven to contribute and make suggestions.
Thanks to our open-door policy, any member of staff- can approach management directly with issues or concerns as well as ideas and initiatives. The channels of communication are constantly open, which also helps us ensure our operations are completely transparent to all who work with us. We find that this also fosters an element of trust, which is invaluable to our team.
More than just a job
Our agents know that working with E&V Sara Grech is more than just a job. A lot of that is down to the way our teams support one another, creating a workspace that complements the passion and determination with which all our agents approach their day-to-day.
Selling property is unlike other kinds of consumer sales. Our clients are after all making a transaction that can be quite emotionally charged at times and one that is always a big financial decision. It matters to us how our clients, whether buyers or sellers, come to complete these transactions. Our agents understand the value of emotional intelligence, creativity and sensitivity when it comes to matching individuals with property.
While some agencies may overlook or even encourage agents’ unethical behaviour as long as the sale is made, at E&V Sara Grech we have a very different approach. We expect only the highest levels of professional, transparent behaviour and practices, whether agents are handling a client request or addressing a co-worker.
Our commitment to our people 
“The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder”
No matter how great your team is, without a purpose, it will eventually fail. Great minds want to be part of a goal, an idea. An idea starts with a dream, which becomes a vision and then, with imagination and hard work, a goal. Our goal: Building the brokerage of tomorrow for our agents.
At E&V Sara Grech, we make it clear, right from the start, what we want from our teams. Our expectations are straightforward – excellence in customer care, transparency in our work, constant development through training and a balance of short- and long-term vision. We help our agents channel their motivation productively instead of allowing internal competition to distract and dishearten.
Our agents are encouraged to think outside the box and take risks – it’s those risks that allow us to build on success and learn valuable lessons from our mistakes. We consider honesty and integrity cornerstones of a productive team. Empowering agents to feel that they can be themselves, make mistakes and recover from those mistakes is how our teams are always at the top of their game.
Another way we support our agents’ wellbeing is through our corporate social responsibility initiatives. These offer an opportunity for agents to use their skills in different ways while giving back to society and helping those who need it most. Our agents are not just assets to E&V Sara Grech but to their communities as well.
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