Why we think like entrepreneurs, not salespeople

Why we think like entrepreneurs, not salespeople

Buying and selling property is a big undertaking for anyone, whichever side of the transaction you happen to be on. For buyers, it is an important investment, one that will only happen a few times in their lives and will most likely help shape their future in significant ways. For sellers, parting with property can be an emotional time and they too will be considering their next financial step.

At E&V Sara Grech, we know that the process is more than just a transaction for our clients, which is why we promote an ethos that is more than just sales but entrepreneurship.


Empowering our entrepreneurs

E&V Sara Grech agents are given a high degree of freedom when it comes to managing their workload and their clients. We don’t think of our work as sales-focused but as service-focused. The end goal is to have two happy clients signing on the dotted line yet the way we get them to that important decision matters to us.

We do this by allowing our agents to identify their own personal best practices in finding a balance that works for them. This results in them having the time and energy to invest in their skills and knowledge, which in turn helps them feel confident and motivated. The agents are the experts and we trust that they are in the best position to make the important decisions.


Supporting excellence

Of course, no one is expected to be 100% ready to go once they become an agent. We understand that training is a crucial part of the process and we take great pride in the program we have developed. It teaches agents how to use our cutting-edge tools and gives them the confidence to use those tools creatively and efficiently.

Training doesn’t stop once agents know their way around. E&V Sara Grech is committed to the continued professional development of our agents and we provide ongoing training to all, particularly when our software and services have undergone an upgrade. We know that while agents are highly autonomous, having a reliable, structured support system can only help them become better at what they do. We consider our agents to be internal customers of our real estate sales platform, and we are continuously focused on improving our system leaving our agents free to focus their energy on selling properties.


Leading by example

It’s all well and good for management to talk about their values but how we follow through is what matters. We expect our agents to display respect and integrity, and we act on those values too.

We have removed the element of internal competition within E&V Sara Grech to ensure that agents have every opportunity to excel as a team instead of fostering rivalry. We invest in our workforce in a way that promotes our core values – passion, competence and exclusivity – and we invest in our technology so our agents have the best tools at their disposal.

If our values sound like your values, get in touch through www.joinevsg.com, where you can also submit your application to join the team.


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